Brows are bigger than ever, we are excited you have you join us!   

In our Henna Brow Certificate Course, you will learn how to perform this exciting new procedure under the instruction of our carefully chosen and trained instructors.

You will receive training on theory and technique,helping you become proficient and confident in the art of henna brow.

Are you already shaping and coloring eyebrows? Or is this a new venture for you ? Is this an add on to an existing business?

This training is absolutely amazing way to give your clients opportunity to try new shape, color gray hair, cover previous tattoo, or just help them have beautiful, full eyebrows with zero downtime. 

But here is what THE most amazing thing, it will give you ability to work with clients without worry of messing up their face with permanent makeup. No painful microblading or tattooing, but still acheiving the same great tattoo effect on the skin !

It will build your confidence and help you become THE best BROW STYLIST in your area. 

Brow Henna PRO Certification