Courses throughout Canada.


Be among the best Lash Artists, the elite in our industry, by training with the best. 

Two day courses are available in individual or small group classes. 

Why choose EyeVy Lash Canada?

EyeVy Lash is a leader in training, offering individual or small group training so that you can grow your lash business quickly! 
Get clients choosing you over any other Lash Artist in your area...we will give you the tools to do this. 

You will not find more committed, dedicated and genuine instructors. 

So, here we are, all yours. You get our passion, skills, business minds and continued assistance after the course is complete.

EyeVy Lash Academy directors have put their heart and souls into teaching and practicing Lash Artistry. It is their passion, and their full time careers. Our trainers have gone through their own struggles after terrible training programs, and needed the advice of others along the way.  This has helped us to develop and amazing program, beyond a normal training course.  The other training programs definitely did not provide all the answers to what was needed to be completely confident in Lash Artists skills. 

EyeVy Lash has helped other Lash Artists build their confidence and find a technique that will help them build a successful business.

EyeVy Lash will advise you on the things you don't learn in the other courses, the tips and tricks that have taken us so much time to figure out...We can teach them to you. 

The valuable skills and techniques have been the efforts of following the best Lashers in the world.  

Our instructors have helped so many, and answered so many questions from beginners, to techs that have been in the industry for years ! EyeVy Lash finally just compiled everything into an easier format to follow. The EyeVy Lash tips and tricks are structured so that you learn what you need to.